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Saint Mark's Christian Assembly of Christ

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Reference list of Emergency Numbers:
Feeling of Sorrow  John 14
When Mankind fail you  Psalm 27
When you have sinned  Psalm 51
When you worry  Matt. 6:19-34
Danger is present  Psalm 91
God seems far away  Psalm 139
Your faith needs stirring  Hebrews 11
Lonely and Fearful   Psalm 23
If you are bitter or critical  1 Cor.13
If you feel down and out  Romans 8:31
You want peace and rest  Matt.11:25-30
When the world seems overwhelming  Ps. 90
For Christian Assurance  Romans 8:1-30
Leaving home for travel or labor Psalm 121
Your prayers are narrow and selfish Ps. 67
Courage for a task  Joshua 1
Investments and profits Mark 10
Depression  Psalm 27
Lacking Finances  Psalm 37
Loosing Confidence in Mankind  1 Cor. 13
When mankind becomes unkind  John 15
Discouraged about your career  Psalm 126
When Pride takes root in your life Ps. 19
The desire to be fruitful  John 15
Understanding Christianity  2 Cor. 5:15-19
Fellowship with Mankind  Romans 12
Paul's secret to happiness  Col. 3:12-17
Dealing with fear  Psalm 347
For Security  Psalm 121:3
For Assurance   Mark 8:35
For Reassurance   Psalm 145:18
Please Note: Emergency numbers may be used frequently. No cash, checks, credit cards or money orders needed. All lines to Heaven are free and clear; and are open to all God's children 24 hours a day. Jesus is waiting to hear from you!


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