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Saint Mark's Christian Assembly of Christ

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Motorcycle Outreach Ministry

The Christian Heart Riders Motorcycle Ministry
T.E.A.M. of
Motorcyclists for Jesus Ministries
C. F. F. C.

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Riding for JESUS
Are you looking for an exciting and fulfilling motorcycle ministry to be a vital member of ? The Christian Heart Riders Motorcycle Ministry T.E.A.M. of Motorcyclists for Jesus Ministries welcomes all riders. 
Purpose: The purpose of the Christian Heart Riders Motorcycle Ministry is to guide the motorcyclists into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to give a positive direction by example on how to live one's life through the authority and power of God in Christ by the Holy Spirit.
Mission: The primary mission of the Christian Heart Riders Motorcycle Ministry is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost world. Focusing primarily on the motorcycling community through secular events, Christian events, worship services, community projects and other related motorcycling activities.
The members of the Christian Heart Riders Motorcycle Ministry T.E.A.M. of Motorcyclists for Jesus Ministries are to seek out and assist fellow motorcyclists with their  personal spiritual needs to the glory of God. Each chapter of M.J.M. is organized into witnessing groups called T.E.A.M.s {Telling Everyone About the Messiah}. All members are to establish fellowship within the local T.E.A.M. and with area secular motorcycle clubs.
The only head of the Christian Heart Riders Mortorcycle Ministry T.E.A.M. of Motorcyclists for Jesus Ministries is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
In 1989 Motorcyclists for Jesus Ministries became a national Motorcycle Ministry organization. Incorporated in the Commonwealth of Kentucky as a non-profit and tax exempt Christian Ministry under ss501(c)(3) of the I.R.S. code.
Motorcyclists for Jesus Ministries declares a unique relationship with God our heavenly Father, with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord & Savior, and the Holy Spirit. We use the inspired word of God (the Holy Bible) as our only guide under the direction of the Holy Spirit.
Our members are encouraged to join other national and local motorcycle organizations, to be a Christian example and let their Christian Light shine to the honor and glory of our Heavenly Father God.
Motorcyclists for Jesus Ministries is a charter member of the American Motorcycle Association.
After prayer and meditation, you may be lead by the Spirit to join us in our quest to spread the Gospel of Jesus into all the land and become a Motorcycle Missionary with the Christian Heart Riders Motorcycle Ministry T.E.A.M. of Motorcyclists for Jesus Ministries.
For a great and rewarding adventure, ride your motorcycle in Service to Jesus.  

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