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Saint Mark's Christian Assembly of Christ

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Written In Stone

Written  in  Stone

Two friends, Carol and Joy were walking along the beach in Hawaii enjoying the beauty and serenity of this paradise island.
Suddenly for no apparent reason the two close friends got into a silly argument.
To this day, no one can remember what the argument was about or how it got started.
But the argument ended when Carol slapped the face of her friend Joy.
Joy was hurt by the action of her friend and could not believe what had just happened.
Joy was so shocked by the action of her friend that she sat down in the sand and began to write a message to God.
Carol was a little curious at this reaction and walked over to see what was written in the sand.
Carol read this message: " This morning I was hurt by my friend who slapped me in the face, what an awful thing to happen in such a beautiful place."
After Carol finished reading the message in the sand, the two friends continued their walk along the beach.
Suddenly a big wave of water came ashore and the under-current swept Joy out into the ocean.
Carol rushed into the water to save her friend and swam as hard as she could to bring Joy to safety again. Carol pulled Joy from the water and onto the beach, and after a period of rest and recovery, they continued their walk and began to talk.
Along the way Joy discovered a large stone embedded in a sand dune. She found a small rock and began to write a message on the large stone.
When she had finished her curious friend walked over to see the message Joy wrote on a stone by the sea.
" This morning my life was saved by my friend who slapped me in the face, what a blessed thing to happen in such a beautiful place."
After reading the message Carol said to her friend, "this morning you were hurt and wrote a message in sand and now you take time to put one in stone." "Why do you write this way and not in the sand?"
Joy explained, "When someone you Love hurts you, then we should pray and write the hurt in sand where the waters of forgiveness can wash them away. When someone you Love repent and do a good thing unto you, then we should write it in stone where it shall remain every hour of the day."
Learn to write all your hurts in the sand and write your blessings in stone; learn this lesson my friend and you will never be alone. 
"Forbearing one another, and Forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye." Colossians 3:13

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